The next TEFL-TESOL Teacher Training Seminar will take place on May 22~24, 2015. 

For details contact our KEI Office at 033-243-5657 or email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

Recent Activities

We continue to make progress towards our formal acreditation. The formal applications were submitted to the accreditation services working with KEISIE Graduate School to begin the long awaited process which will lead to accreditation for the institution through a recognized accrediting agency. Special thanks go to those on the accreditation committee who have worked effortlessly. As it stands currently, we have been told that the accreditation process should takes approximately three months to complete before a formal decision will be made by the accrediting agency regarding the Graduate School. Based on the current situation, we should receive word of our status in the early summer months of 2015.

What's Happening

We are happy for the news of things happening around Chuncheon. At a recent meeting with representatives from the Gangwon Provincial Office of Education KEI was made aware of the fact that educators working within Gangwon Province and other Provinces around the country will be required to complete a minimum of 40 hours of continuing education each year they are under contract. The representatives stated that while no formal agreement between the Office of Education has been made with any outside agency as of yet, they were willing to support and promote the Training Programs being offered by KEI.

They encouraged KEI to promote its training to individuals, whom according to the Gangwon Office of Education, would be given recognition of any training taken at the Language and Training Center located in Chuncheon. This serves as a positive support of the programs being offered by KEI along with the official authorization and accreditation from the Chuncheon Office of education, a regional educational office of the South Korean Ministry of Education.

Important Note: KEI is not affiliated, contractually connected or aligned with any Provincial Office of Education located in South Korea. KEI is licensed, authorized, accredited, and operates as a private educational services institute in South Korea. However, training credentials received by individuals taking their TEFL-TESOL and other training programs have received acceptance of those credentials from local offices of education within the Provinces of South Korea.


Since 2007, KEI has been dreaming big. From the very beginning of the company it was a primary goal to ensure that the people who had any connection with our educational cooperative would feel comfortable and satisfied with their educational choices. KEI offers a variety of exciting and innovative educational options to meet the needs of almost anyone. It has long been the intent of KEI to receive the needed recognition of government support as a company and an educational provider, and in January 2014 thanks to the work of many the company received official authorization and accreditation from the Chuncheon Office of education, a regional educational office of the South Korean Ministry of Education. 

KEI strives to provide its academic partners reliable educational services during each and every interaction with whatever affiliated program they may be working with. By providing customers a consistently superior experience—whether at sign-up, during the normal course of business or during an on-site visit to our Language and Training Center, it is possible to achieve this. 

Take time to check out the educational programs managed and operated by KEI. Our Customer Guarantee lets you know what you can and should expect from KEI—and what we’re doing to hold ourselves accountable every day.


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